The Stroppel Cane – Polymer Clay

The Stroppel Cane – Saving Unused Cane Slices From Ending Up in the Mud Pile!

I am very excited to share my newest invention with you. I call it The Stroppel Cane! For the last couple of months, as I clean up my workspace after a project, I make a Stroppel Cane from the “not so perfect cane slices” and any other scraps I have on my work tile.

You can use these canes in any number of ways and I’ll be featuring some projects here on my blog in the future. From time to time, just do a search for The Stroppel Cane and see what comes up.

Please leave a comment it you liked this new video. Without feed back I don’t know if what I’m sharing is reaching anyone or if you are enjoying or finding what I’m sharing useful. And do share it on Facebook and Twitter and send the link to your friends. I love hearing from you in any form. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Jan. Christi is hoot isn’t she. I’m glad you like my cane, have fun with it!! Alice

  2. Love it! I wish I had seen this before so many of my leftovers got so dried up, but I will certainly use this approach with my future scraps. Thanks so much!

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  8. Translation
    No tengo libros SNY, pero tengo algunos tutoriales en mi página de Etsy. con tan sólo mirar en el lado izquierdo de esta página blog para enlaces a Face Perfil Cane, pluma y tinta, etc

  9. Do you know where one can take classes in San Diego for absolute beginners!
    Many sites seem to be old and outdated with no contact info.
    Thank you,

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  11. Alice, I’m still following you your work. I have used your cane many times. Love it, good way to use leftovers. Thanks, Judi

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  13. OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! A MILLION TIMES, THANK YOU…for being a TRUE artist and sharing your vast knowledge with us all FOR FREE! God Bless You! As a fine artist who has worked with multiple mediums, I’ve picked up polymer clay COUNTLESS times, only to give up, waving my arms around like a crazy person with frustration. Books are…ok, but expensive and not up to date. Searching online for tips and techniques leaves me disappointed as everyone and their mother wants $ to share their knowledge! As an artisan, I am not used to that…I was taught some of the knowledge and I learned the rest by experience as well, and I always cherished sharing my knowledge with anyone who bothered to ask. You are the first person that I have stumbled upon that not only HAD the information I was interested in, but DIDN’T WANT TO CHARGE ME $ AS WELL! As a starving artist, I couldn’t pay no matter how desperate I was to learn this technique. Due to the kindness of people like you, I might, MIGHT just be semi-productive this time around, and any success I DO experience, I will owe to you and all the other artists out there who share because they care people like you are TRUE artists at heart! Thank you, again, from a fellow artist/not-so-great-clay-artist…yet! 😉

  14. Jennifer, Thank you for such kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying Polymer clay, it’s such a wonderful medium with broad appeal. I’m happy to share, but I do have some things for sale, we all have to support ourselves in one way or the other. Thanks for taking to time to leave a comment.

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