Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Using What I Have For This Face Cane Bracelet

Put Your Red Dress On - alice stroppel

Put Your Red Dress On

Another bracelet today using the newest face cane. I made lips for this face cane that I wasn’t happy with and didn’t use. But I still have them and decided to alter them to make the blouse and the hat.

Put Your Red Dress On - alice stroppel - polymer Clay face cane


You can see I’m still using the leaf cane I made several days ago. The outline on the blouse is actually the outline of the lips.

Put Your Red Dress On - alice stroppel - polymer Clay face cane


Same thing here, lips and leaves. Hey it works and I already put the effort and time into those lips so I needed to use them.

I’ll put this one on Etsy tomorrow.

Polymer Clay Face Cane Necklace – Or?????

Necklace - Polymer Clay face Cane - Alice StroppelAnother day of experimenting. Mica powers and Barbara McGuire Stamps, found jewelry and a piece of the face cane. Can’t decide if I want to make it a necklace or a large lapel pin. It measures 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ so it’s large.

This is one of those that, like Kate from Shibori Girl Blog felt about her latest cuff bracelet, this one is going to have to stay with me.

Somehow it baked too long and turned brown, so I had to add the leaves to the hat and bake again. The face is still to dark, but I’ll wear it or just hang it on my wall. I loved making it because it was so different.

I did add one of the bracelets to my Etsy shop in case anyone thinks they just can’t live without it.

I’m still having fun in the studio after all this time.

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2 - Alice Stroppel

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2

My second bracelet made with this face cane. When I was reducing the larger cane to make the altered art piece, I had to cut some of the ends off and had half a face. Staying true to my thought process of  “never throwing anything away if I can find a way to use it”, I tried it on a bracelet blank and TA DA!!!! More face cane bracelets. What a surprise from me!

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2 - Hat-forehead- Alice Stroppel


I am going to try some other pieces of jewelry even though I have always said I didn’t really want to make lots of jewelry, my face just lend themselves to it. I just haven’t had all the right equipment and supplies needed, but I have been slowly adding things for necklaces etc.

My friend Laquita Carter is coming on Friday again for a clay day. She teaches clay classes at Bonita Bead in Bonita Springs. Maybe she’ll show me a trick or two. Laquita, are you listening?

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2 - hat - Alice Stroppel


I used the canes I made the other day from an idea that came to me while I was making this face cane. It was fun using them as hat feathers. The little balls are made with more end scraps I didn’t throw away because …well because I might need them for something like this.

Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet #2 - Blouse - Alice Stroppel


I saved all the canes and the little bit a scrap together in a plastic drawer as shown in this video How to Store Polymer Clay Canes. That way I have the canes, the scraps and any left over colored clay so that I could make another cane or just little balls that match.

I  didn’t use any old jewelry on this one, It was late and I could decide on a piece. Finally I did decide ….. nothing for this girl, the canes were enough.

In the last post I said I was going to sleep really well last night. HA! Not when the wheel of creativity are turning. Here we go again, Fun!

The Lesson of the Day – Never Give Up!

I know when  I have something that is about to happen that is going to make me say, “Yes!!!” , I get the feeling that I am creating but not moving forward. I also know that it is not the time to give up.

So I have been playing around with everything, anything and knowing that something will make me happy. And guess what? I’m happy!

I love these new bracelets. I love the craziness of them. I love them, they make me laugh. You see, While I was playing around with “the” face cane, I didn’t want to do another one because I really didn’t know what I would make out of it. The answer was right there in front of me. I was thinking I wanted to do something different, but what could I do that really made sense with the face canes. I like the idea of the mixed media, and I’m going to pursue that avenue too, but cuff bracelets, here I am again. Okay, maybe I’m just slow on the uptake sometimes.

So here is the first of my crazy new girls on cuff bracelets. I’ll still do my old girls, after all I have plenty. But I’m going to add these girls as well. I have tons of old jewelry to recycle and can’t wait to use some of it.

These bracelets are so Me! I can’t wait to wear this one to a meeting I have tomorrow. They’re so hard to show in a photo. You really have to see them up close and on someone’s wrist. Thus the “wonderful” picture of my wrist that should really not be shown “up close”, but the best way to show how much fun these are going to be to wear.

Good night kids, I’m sleeping really well tonight. 

Use the Ends of Polymer Clay Canes

Purple Pin - alice Stroppel

Purple Pin

When I was cleaning up the other day, I came across this pin I made at the same time I made the bracelet in my post titled, Polymer Clay – Talk About Using It All!! It was in my “to be baked pile”. So today while I was baking a couple of other things, I finished it up.  It’s sort of outer spacey looking.

It’s an easy quick way to use something that might have gone into the scrap pile and turn it into something fun to wear instead.

I’ve saved a few more of the end pieces from canes for other projects not thought of yet. That’s what is no longer on my clay table, and I’m looking forward to another interesting afternoon with faces and other bits of clay.

The Same Polymer Clay Face Cane Experiment Continued

I just couldn’t throw her away and I didn’t have the inspiration to start a new face cane this last week.  So today I wanted to continue the canvas and polymer clay ideas that have been running around in my head. I decided that this cane was perfect for my explorations.

Polymer Clay Face Cane on Altered Art Canvas

This One ?

I love altered art and have collected “things” for years. I do Birthday presents for my friends and cards now and then. I’ve been wanting to mix altered art with polymer clay for quite some time.

Polymer Clay Face on Canvas - Alice Stroppel

Or this one?

I’ve laid everything out on the canvas and I’m pretty happy with the placement of things, but I’m still trying to decide about flower. Flower in her hair? Soft  or bright? As an accent? More needed?

Polymer Clay Face Cane on Canvas - Alice Stroppel

Flowers in her Hair?

I’m still toying with the idea of earrings. I like using old jewelry pieces too. The couple dancing is a scanned reproduction of a drawing my Dad did in the 40’s. I’m not sure just when, he didn’t date it, another reason I try to date everything I do.

Polymer Clay Face Cane and Altered Art - Alice Stroppel

Or just as an accent?

So that’s what I’m playing with today, and if nothing else comes from it, I am having a blast. Tell me what you think?

Did I say Polymer Clay Face Canes?

I have been doing so many thing with clay this week and not really getting anything finished. I’ve done some pretty cool things, but nothing is ready to post.

Since I’ve been back from Fandango, I had been posting everyday and wanted to keep that up, just a goal I had. But this week I don’t have any finished items. I was feeling kind of bummed, like I wasn’t accomplishing  anything.

I always find myself doing all kinds of odd things to distract myself. Looking through my inspiration books, thinking of a million things I want to try. Cleaning and sorting, mixing colors and looking at old canes with new eyes. I always know something wonderful is about to happen when I get like this. Which brought me to this afternoon’s “get out of this, whatever it is”  break through.

I’ve been making face canes for the last few weeks, all different kinds, some successful and some not so. But all of them learning experiences. I began to straighten up my face canes and make room for more and realized just how many I had.

I began to look at them from different angles and started to laugh. I’m still laughing, because they’re funny and because I accomplished more than I set out to years ago with my first face cane. Even though I still have more I want to do, I am so delighted to have gotten this far. So I shook my finger in my own face and said, “just create”.  It’s hard to remember to just have fun, but that’s the point after all. My “girls” reminded me.

So I’m posting tonight to share a few of my face canes with you. The ones with big lips, little eyes, blue eyes and brown, from the first ones with way too much red or not enough color at all, I hope they make you laugh too.

Alice Stroppel's  - Polymer Clay Face Canes

Alice Stroppel's - Polymer Clay Face Canes

A Real Dog and Pony Show at the Creative Native, Tampa, FL

The Creative Native is a gallery in Tampa, FL that features my polymer clay work. They are getting ready to put on a great event for the benefit of Animals and to give you the opportunity to spend some time with some lovely artwork. If you are in the Tampa Bay area on May the 8th, be sure to stop by. But if you can’t be there on that Saturday, be sure to stop by anytime, the gallery is delightful and full of fabulous art and whimsy. If you have any questions, just follow the links below.

The Real Dog and Pony Show - Creative Native

The Real Dog and Pony Show - Creative Native






TAMPA, FL 33610


(813) 841-3038

www.thecreativenativegallery.com (show listed on Events page)


·         Cost: Free

·         Inside the gallery: One of a kind Art for animal lovers

·         Onsite pet adoption by local animal rescue, C.A.R.E.S. (Community Animal Rescue & Educational Center): http://www.cares4pets.net

·         Art to benefit C.A.R.E.S.

·         Pet food and toy drive (please bring new, unopened pet products to the show) to benefit C.A.R.E.S.

·         Dog training demonstration by Southland Dog Training: http://www.southlanddogtraining.com

·         Information booth in support of local/national animal resource groups

·         Food available for purchase from Your Daily Stop with sales benefiting C.A.R.E.S.

Laquita Carter and Me Playing With Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Profile Face Cane - Alice Stroppel

Polymer Clay Profile Face Cane

Here’s the thing, Laquita Carter is a online friend of mine. She’s order many things from me, bracelets, card holders and  my Profile Face Cane tutorial. She came to visit with me yesterday and we made face canes. We talked about my blog, we clayed, we talked about the classes she teaches, we clayed, we talked about clay, we clayed, we both finished a profile face cane. Then she went home. I forgot to take a picture of her, of her work, of us together, I forgot to take any  pictures at all for my blog.


So this morning, I want to blog about what a great time we had, but all I have is this picture of my new face cane that I took this morning.

Oh well, that won’t happen again. I was just having too much fun and had taken off  my blogger hat. So I’ll just say, I had a great time yesterday, thanks Laquita for making the trip and I’ll be posting about a full face class in a day or two.

Now, I need to make some bracelets for a gallery, I’ve received an order of bracelet blanks, I have a new cane and there is no excuse. I’m changing chairs right now, from computer desk to clay table.

Artist Janet F. King and Her Thursday Girls

Yesterday, my friend Sunny Fuller and I went to see Alice In Wonderland. We had a great time . We haven’t seen each other all season and she is getting ready to head back north for the summer, so I wanted to see her before she left. We were the only two people in the entire theater, seriously, just Sunny and I. Only in a small town could two friends watch a movie on the big screen and be able to talk to each other through the whole thing as if we were in our own home. And, we enjoyed the movie and each other, so it was a successful afternoon. A big wave and a shout out to Sunny, a fun afternoon!

Later, I went to a reception at my friend Janet King’s studio for her students, the Thursday Girls.  These ladies have been going to Janet studio on Thursdays mornings for as long as I can remember. A fun, interesting, talented group of women who each year, at the end of the season, hang their artwork in Janet’s studio for a reception in their honor.

As usual the artwork from all the students was exceptional and appreciated by everyone that attended.

Thursday Girls

Back row-Alice Hansen, Ellen Reinke, Lois Kunkel, Anna Karamitis, Lucille Ferrigan, Janet King Front row seated - Donna Danielson, Mary Foley

Alice Hansen was also there with her beautiful work that is always on display and for sale in the Janet King Studio. And the night wouldn’t be the same without Janet’s mother Mary Foley and her yummy famous chocolate toffee, thingies. I bet I ate 6 or more.

Janet King Painting Studio

Janet King Painting Studio

Janet is an incredible artist and a fabulous instructor. She’s lively and funny and it’s just plain fun to be in her class. But what you can learn from her is the prize. She teaches in her studio in Sebring, FL as well as traveling as far away as Italy. She’s such a good friend and I wanted to brag about her and her shop.

In her shop you’ll find original artwork, giclee prints, prints, note cards and much more. Well worth a trip to the main street in downtown Sebring, Ridgewood Dr.

If you know me, you know I love figurative art and Janet is a master at painting the figure, but that’s only the beginning. Below are just two examples of what’s on her easel……

To see more of her work, visit her website Janet King Watercolors.

Figurative Paintings - Janet King

Figurative Paintings - Janet King