Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Colored Pen and Ink on Polymer Clay Sent to Woman Creative

Colored Pen and Ink on Polymer ClayIt’s been a busy month! Yesterday I sent a large package to Ellen Prophater at Woman Creative in Buford, Georgia. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post and watch this short video I made while I was there earlier this month. ) Barbara McGuire is  Education Director and Founder and Ellen is Exhibit Director and Gallery Manager. It’s a beautiful space and a must see if you are anywhere near by.

The Pen and ink bracelet above was one of the items that I sent for my display. ( It’s a composite picture of one bracelet, showing all sides) I created it using the techniques shown in the Pen and Ink on Polymer Clay video that I have for sale. You can purchase it by clicking on the image in the upper left hand corner of this page, or visiting my Esty shop here.

I love making canes and working with the colored clay, but I am thrilled to be able to combine both the drawing and the clay together. Exactly what one of my customers just emailed me about this tutorial.

I started out creating items with black and white with a touch of red, and still love those pieces, but have started to add color to the whole design and really am enjoying the color very much.

All of my items will be for sale in the Woman Creative Gallery along with many other well known artist’s work. Of course this is the place to see Barbara’s work, both current and some of her earlier pieces. Plus there are all kinds of classes you can take, click on this link to Woman Creative website, then on calendar on the right hand side of the page.

Girl Friends Galore

I sent all of these girlfriends to Ellen Plus other fun things. Can’t wait to see picture of how she displays them. Ellen has such a wonderful eye for display, she knows just what to  do.

I also sent one of the large Girlfriends Galore Bracelets to Charline Ahlgreen for the Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild’s annual Fandango auction. Plus two of my tutorials. So if you’re there and bidding, bid large..*g*

Don’t worry, I still have some for sale in my Etsy Shop. I am getting low on faces and need to spend a few days making more, so you might not see all of these same faces next time you look.

I’ve got to get busy, so see you later.

Woman Creative – Barbara McGuire and Ellen Prophater

I’ve been away from my computer and my blog for over two weeks and it feels like forever. My very good friend from high school, Sharon Downing came to visit me and I drove home with her to Cleveland, Ga. We had a wonderful time catching up and enjoying each others company, a perfect trip. thanks Sharon for everything.

Then it was on to Buford, GA and the Woman Creative – Art & Jewelry Design Center.

Woman Creative

Woman Creative is an engagingly ambient arts center hosting 5 artist studios, a gallery, an exhibit and two classrooms. Studio artists and resident faculty include Barbara McGuire, Ellen Prophater, Jan Stevens and Patricia DiBona. Sue Sutherland is the facility manager and houses Filigree & More! in her studio. Each of these women brings unique skills to the center and product lines with supplies relevant to their craft. The women are experts in their respective fields of polymer, metal clay, jewelry design, photography, wire wrapping, digital design and altered arts.

Woman Creative

Sue Sutherland, Patricia Dibona, Jan Stephens, Barbara McGuire, Ellen Prophater

The Gallery at Woman Creative features artwork and contemporary art jewelry from the residents as well as celebrity and nationally renowned artisans.  Adjacent to the gallery is an exhibit presenting outstanding work in polymer clay, past and present. This study collection, titled “Polymer, From the Beginning”, represents the contributions of notable polymer artists to this art medium over the past 30 years. As the popularity of polymer is beginning to go ‘viral’, Ellen and Barbara encourage everyone to come and discover what polymer and art jewelry are all about.

Barbara and I have become  friends over the last year and she invited me to come spend some time with her and get to know the other ladies, the gallery and take some pictures and video to share.

Patricia teaching class

Patricia teaching class

Two comfortable and fully stocked classroom areas encourage students to ‘stay and play’ during facilitated hours. The goal of the Woman Creative faculty is to offer quality design instruction coupled with technical skills, delivered in a hospitable and creative environment. Classes cover all areas of progressive art media, including polymer, wire, cold connections, paper, kiln glass, metal clay, oil, acrylic, encaustic, fiber and altered arts. For those wishing to market their art the center offers classes in digital photography, internet marketing and product development. A growing roster of celebrity guest instructors will be offering classes in cold connections, fiber art, metal clay and polymer. In addition to classes, the center will host various fundraising events in support of the arts and select causes.

I had a wonderful time and only have one regret, I won’t be able to make it back up there for the Polymer Premier Exhibit. The official exhibit opening “Polymer, From the Beginning”, will be held Friday and Saturday April 8-9 and follow with class presentations on Sunday April 10.

But I’m thrilled to have been asked by Ellen Prophater, the Gallery Manager to add some of my work to the mix. So, I send a special thank you to Barbara, Ellen, Sue, Patricia and Jan for making me feel so welcome in their fabulous new space.

This is a short little interview with Barbara, but stay tuned, there will be more to come.

To learn more about Woman Creative and for information about classes and gallery events visit Woman Creative website.

BFF Ornament Going to The Creative Native

Best Friend Forever

Best Friends Forever

Pam Moody from The Creative Native Gallery is having her annual ornament display this year and I’m making some best girlfriend ornaments to add to the mix. Each will a have a witty saying on the back, but you’ll have to stop in The Creative Native to choose yours.

I’ll be making more for my Etsy Shop and The Highlands Art League too, but I promised Pam that I would get some to her soon.

Here’s an ornament I made in 2005 when I was still working on perfecting my faces. (actually, I’m still working on perfecting my faces)  This one had 7 girls on it and it hangs in my studio. I thought this year was a good year to revisit these ornaments and take a look at how far I’ve come.



I made this ornament to celebrate my Best Female Friends. We are still friends and it’s a great thing to have this group of fabulous women standing beside me, plus covering my back…….

More of American Allie – Polymer Clay

These guys are headed to The Creative Native, who by the way is having a reception and exhibit tonight from 5 to 9pm. Titled Go Figure! and featuring artists: Kelly Savery – paper, Margaret Conte – mixed media, Ricklene Wren – acrylics, Susan O’Hara – clay.

If you are in the area, you really should stop in this wonderful gallery. The range of work is wide and the talent represented is outstanding.

I’ve covered a card holder, a pill box and made a pin with an articulated tail. they are in the oven now.

Making this cat was easy and I used several canes that I already had. The eyes are from the face I made with Barbara McGuire and the rest of the older canes were put together using freshly blended Skinner blends. It’s amazing to watch the cat come to life as each element is added.

Here’s a way to use some of those older canes you have way too much of. If you want, draw a picture to go by or use clip art or a picture from a card or coloring book.

Here’s a clip art cat I got from the internet. Clker.com. I just googled free clip art cat and this one was on the front page. You could make the lighter part a skinner blend and each darker section a different colored and patterned cane. An easy project, even the eyes are just black snakes with a highlight of white. Remember, you can just use this picture as a guide, let your cat decide for itself what it wants to look like in the end………it’s only fair.

A Fabulously Artful Weekend

I had a great time in Tampa this weekend. Visited with my youngest son Jason, went to a gallery exhibit on Franklin Street, went to the new Tampa Art Museum and sat in the new Curtis Hixon park listening to the concert in the park. My husband and I spent several New Years eves in the old Curtis Hixon convention center and now it’s gone, they’ve torn the old building down and there sits the Museum and the park.

There is a playground for the kids, water features, and grass covered tiers for families to bring their tables, chairs, food and refreshments. It all overlooks the Hillsborough River and is truly lovely.

The next morning we went to Hyde Park Village to watch the sidewalk chalk artists create their masterpieces. After that , I said goodbye and was off to The Creative Native Gallery. Dogs to adopt, fabulous artwork and friends to share it all with. What could be better? Nancy Welch and her sister Nita Baker from Orlando Clay Fangango came over to say hello and I was so happy to see them.  Thanks you guys for coming all that way.

Blow Fish - Pam Moody

Blow Fish - Pam Moody

A friend of mine is having a birthday next month and I bought her a blow fish made by The Creative Native gallery owner Pam Moody, I love it! A great weekend full of art and family and friends, the best.

A Real Dog and Pony Show at the Creative Native, Tampa, FL

The Creative Native is a gallery in Tampa, FL that features my polymer clay work. They are getting ready to put on a great event for the benefit of Animals and to give you the opportunity to spend some time with some lovely artwork. If you are in the Tampa Bay area on May the 8th, be sure to stop by. But if you can’t be there on that Saturday, be sure to stop by anytime, the gallery is delightful and full of fabulous art and whimsy. If you have any questions, just follow the links below.

The Real Dog and Pony Show - Creative Native

The Real Dog and Pony Show - Creative Native






TAMPA, FL 33610


(813) 841-3038

www.thecreativenativegallery.com (show listed on Events page)


·         Cost: Free

·         Inside the gallery: One of a kind Art for animal lovers

·         Onsite pet adoption by local animal rescue, C.A.R.E.S. (Community Animal Rescue & Educational Center): http://www.cares4pets.net

·         Art to benefit C.A.R.E.S.

·         Pet food and toy drive (please bring new, unopened pet products to the show) to benefit C.A.R.E.S.

·         Dog training demonstration by Southland Dog Training: http://www.southlanddogtraining.com

·         Information booth in support of local/national animal resource groups

·         Food available for purchase from Your Daily Stop with sales benefiting C.A.R.E.S.

Etsy Bound Bracelets, Card Cases and Bottle Stoppers

Polymer Clay bangle braceletA funny thing happened. I was so happy that the shop I stopped in while I was in Tampa wanted to buy some of my pieces. So happy I shared it with you. Now I have to tell you that I emailed the shop and haven’t heard a word since.

Polymer Clay bottle stopper front

polymer clay bottle stopper  back

Because of that shop, I realized that there were so many other possibilities out there that I wasn’t looking at. So It’s okay!

I began to look at dress boutiques and other speciality shops. I found quite a few and have emailed several. I’ve heard back from one, but she only carries local artists. she still was a bit interested and asked for some time to think about it.

As you can see, I am still stuck on Zentangle canes. I really have had fun with them.

Polymer Clay business card holder

I did my emailing on Friday and this week end was Halloween, so I’m not discouraged yet. Besides, I still have the whole United States and Canada left….and I’ve started receiving commission checks from Julia’s Art Gallery on Pine Island.  I told you about that trip in September.

Blue Skinner Blend polymer Clay braceletSo all of these items are now listed in my Etsy Shop with more to come. Life is sweet.

Other Shops To Sell Your Polymer Clay Art Work

New Work for New Shop

New Work for New Shop

When I went to Tampa to visit The Creative Native and take some of my work for Pam, the owner, to feature.

Earlier in the day, I had lunch with my son, and we stopped by The Red Herring, a delightful shop with “curious goods for your home.” I thought I would ask inside if they knew of any art galleries or funky crafty gift shops that might be interested in my work.

I showed the woman behind the desk the bracelet I was wearing and told her what I was looking for, she asked me to wait while she found the owner. She thought the owner might be interested in my  pieces.

And she was. She would have bought all my wine stoppers I think, but I had promised to take them to The Creative Native. I told her I would make her more and send her a picture of them once they where complete. She also showed an interest in the business card holders and the bracelets.

So the picture above is of the new work that I did for her. I emailed her the picture and a price list. I’ll let you now how things turn out.

My point is, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just galleries or “craft” gift shops. I really didn’t realize that this shop might be interested in my pieces.

I knew that they had wonderful things and I loved just walking in the shop, but it didn’t cross my mind to put the two things together…”Curious goods for your home” with my wine stoppers, but I should have at least considered it. Her shop is full of well used and loved items that, once placed in your home will feel like it’s been there for years and belongs.

So I learned something very valuable and I will have to widen my circle when looking for more outlets.

A Successful Trip to The Creative Native Gallery

The Creative Native

The Creative Native

I went to Tampa to meet with the owner of The Creative Native Gallery, Pam Moody. She really liked my work and I left everything that I brought with me. But I already knew that she would like my things because I had found Pam’s gallery website and emailed her the link to my flickr site.

She told me that she really appreciated the way I introduced her to my work. She said that when artists simply stop in the gallery, sometimes it just isn’t convenient. Pam is a ceramic artist and in addition to running the gallery, waiting on customers, etc., she is working on her things as well.

So she was happy that she could look at my work when it was convenient for her. She emailed me and asked me to bring my things and meet with her. She has a very nice gallery with lots of wonderful art and funky fine crafts as you can see by the picture above. That’s the front page of the The Creative Native’s website.

The gallery has a great feeling about it and it makes you happy to have walked in the door. Pam is friendly and fun, and creates wonderful ceramic pieces that you will enjoy. If you are in the Tampa area stop in and take a look, you might just find something you can’t live without.

I’ve added this post to the Selling Your Art Category. It works, it’s working for me. I also stopped into another shop on Bay to Bay in Tampa before going to The Creative Native. The owner wanted to buy some of my samples. I’ll tell you all about it in the next post.

New Polymer Clay Face Bracelets

Polymer Clay Face Bracelets

Polymer Clay Face Bracelets

Getting ready to take tons of artwork to a gallery. Been working to get my stock up. I’m taking bracelets and bottle stoppers, perfume pens and face pins. Salt and pepper shakers, letter openers, and card cases. I am trying some different things, I show you when I get them finished.

I also made smaller tags for my items. 1″ x 1  1/2″, half the size of the ones I use for direct sales to customers.  They really look better on most items for galleries. I can’t use my information anyway, so I don’t need as much room.

Talk to you soon.