Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Stroppel Cane Pins for Fandango Swap

Here’s a pile of colorful fun Stroppel Pins I’ve made for the pin exchange at Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild’s Fandango. I’m about half way there, even though we don’t have to make pins to exchange with everyone, I don’t want to miss any very cool pins by running out of mine.

I’ve been having a great time with these and might just keep these as something I do all the time. There are so many possibilities with each little canvas.

Now back to making some face canes for my class at Creative Journey Studios on the 21st and 22nd of this month.

Both places still have room for more students, so pick up the phone and reserve your space.

For a Friend – A Butterfly

Butterfly PinThis butterfly is for a friend, in appreciation. I started by  making just the character in the middle and then decided to try some wing stamps by Barbara McGuire that I brought home from my visit to Woman Creative in GA. Well once I added the wings she got quite large.

I decided to place it in a frame so that she can hang it on the wall or wear it if she’s brave enough. (It’s big, really!) I hope she likes it.

Girlfriend Pins – Polymer Clay

Girlfriends Pins

Girlfriends Pins

A couple of girlfriend pins went to The Creative Native Gallery this week along with the girlfriend ornaments. I see a mother and daughter in the one and a very funny character in the other one.

I’ve been busy with bracelets and ornaments. Claying away and keeping the oven busy baking load after load of colorful, funky, fun, things. While others are making witches and goblins, I’m thinking of line green, turquoise and fuchsia. Funny how life changes without you even realizing it. I was a halloween queen when I was younger, with children at home. Love everything about it, made things and patterns and decorated the house….all great fun.

Now we live far from town and not one trick or treater has ever come to our house in 15 years. Kind of sad I guess, but on the other hand, I can turn my focus to other things. Actually, it’s kind of freeing to be out of step sometimes.

Now back to my clay table and the non Halloween bracelets……

More of American Allie – Polymer Clay

These guys are headed to The Creative Native, who by the way is having a reception and exhibit tonight from 5 to 9pm. Titled Go Figure! and featuring artists: Kelly Savery – paper, Margaret Conte – mixed media, Ricklene Wren – acrylics, Susan O’Hara – clay.

If you are in the area, you really should stop in this wonderful gallery. The range of work is wide and the talent represented is outstanding.

I’ve covered a card holder, a pill box and made a pin with an articulated tail. they are in the oven now.

Making this cat was easy and I used several canes that I already had. The eyes are from the face I made with Barbara McGuire and the rest of the older canes were put together using freshly blended Skinner blends. It’s amazing to watch the cat come to life as each element is added.

Here’s a way to use some of those older canes you have way too much of. If you want, draw a picture to go by or use clip art or a picture from a card or coloring book.

Here’s a clip art cat I got from the internet. Clker.com. I just googled free clip art cat and this one was on the front page. You could make the lighter part a skinner blend and each darker section a different colored and patterned cane. An easy project, even the eyes are just black snakes with a highlight of white. Remember, you can just use this picture as a guide, let your cat decide for itself what it wants to look like in the end………it’s only fair.

Abstract Polymer Clay – About Having Fun!

I love doing my girlfriend bracelets and pins. I laugh while I’m making them and I’m delighted when someone else likes them as well. I left one with Debbie at my dentist’s office, she bought it right off my wrist. She was going to give it as a gift, but by the time I left, I think she had decided to keep it for herself. Made me feel really great.  Granted, the visit costed more than the cost of the bracelet, but every little bit helps.

Debbie continued to smile as she wore her girlfriend bracelet and that made me smile. She even gave a me self addressed stamped envelope for me to send her more business cards because she gave her card to another patient while I was having my teeth cleaned.

I swear, I’ve never had that happen to me before. Thank you Debbie for brightening my day even though I only went there to brighten my teeth.

Wall Art - Polymer clay

Wall Art - Polymer clay

Yesterday, I wanted to try something different. I’ve always wanted to do wall pieces with polymer so I decided to just begin. This piece is 10″ x 6 1/2″. It can hang just like it is, but I am considering mounting it in a frame. What do you think?

It is actually a snap shot of how my brain works I think. Full of color and gong in several directions at once.

This one is much smaller and I think I’ll finish it as a bib necklace. The one below is 2 1/4″ x 2 and is finished already as a pin.

I love the versatility  of  polymer. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of creating with this medium.

Girlfriend Doll Pin – Polymer Clay

Girlfriend Doll Pin

Girlfriend Doll Pin

Yesterday I started playing around with my faces and I made this doll, put a pinback on her and I think she’s pretty funny. She has jointed arms and legs. She’s 4″ tall and 1″ wide. I wanted to make this very cool hat, but I think it looks like a purple Indian headdress, so I’ll have to work on that one.

Last night was fun at my house. My husband and I had some new neighbors in for drinks to meet some of the neighbors from across the lake. Everyone knew what I did, but really had never seen my studio. It’s always fun to introduce people to polymer clay. The guys talked about cars, sports and the quality of the lake water, while the women talked about other stuff and clay. I enjoyed it and I think they did too.

I haven’t mentioned it, but I have a mango tree and for the last four weeks I have been picking and pealing, cutting up and freezing at least 50 mangos a day. Sometime more, you should see my freezer, there isn’t room for food. So I served mango margaritas plus vanilla ice cream with mango sticks and a ginger wafer. (Okay, so the guys didn’t go for any of that, so we had stuff for them too.)

I love it when in the middle of winter I can pop out a bag or two of mangos and make a smoothie, ice cream topping, or a great margarita. It’s the best life.

Anyway, I like this girlfriend doll and I think I’ll work on a couple of friends for her.

Black and White and Purple – Girlfriend Pin #3

Girlfriend Pin #3 - polymer clay

Girlfriend Pin #3 - polymer clay

Another trio of girlfriends. I guess you could consider these girls either very fashion forward or graying gracefully.

One kind of looks like Cleopatra if you squint your eyes and hold your head just right.

On their way to my Etsy Shop.

A Girlfriend Pin 2 – Polymer Clay Face Cane

Face Cane Pin

Face Cane Pin

Yesterday, I posted this face cane pin in my Etsy Store. As always, she’s fun and funky and makes me laugh. If you have a minute, take a look.

I also sent out a newsletter yesterday. I was shocked to see how long it had been since my last one. I’ve had so many new people sign up to watch the fish video and receive my newsletter, thank you all. I’ve had quite a few responses from it and I thank everyone for taking the time to open it and maybe click through a couple of links. I’ll try to do better from now on.

Lots of irons in the fire this week. Hope to get a couple of things wrapped up and the first steps of other things started. I have a couple of exciting ideas floating around in my head. At least they are exciting to me and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Summer is over for Moms with kids, but still hot here in central Florida. My clay is sticky, sticky. Don’t which is better, freezing cold so my hands don’t work, or so warm you battle to keep the canes from sticking to each other.

This Girlfriend – Polymer Clay Pin

Girlfriend Pin 1

Girlfriend Pin 1

I sold the three girlfriends pin and listed this one yesterday in my Etsy Shop. She’s looking to the future, her future home I think.

Making beads today and packing up my clay things to go the the Florida Gulfcoast Polymer Clay Guild meeting. I’m taking Sherry McKinney with me and looking forward to a day of fun.

Three Girlfriends – A Polymer Clay Pin

Three Girlfriends

Three Girlfriends

Another pin listed in my Etsy Shop. I’ve been working on small pins, beads etc. I’m back to having that fun I’m always talking about.

On Saturday I’m going to visit the  Florida Gulfcoast Polymer Clay Group in Palmetto. It’s only about an hour or so away and I met Sydney Carter and some of the other women at Orlando Clay Fandango this year. They are introducing about 20 kids to polymer clay and I’m going over to see if I can help and enjoy this group.

I’ll let you know how it goes….taking my camera as always.