More Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelets

Polymer Clay Bracelets

Polymer Clay Bracelets

More bracelets. The crazy one is made from scrap slices that I cut and didn’t use on other projects. Maybe I cut too many or maybe I decided that cane just didn’t work.

I can never bear to smash perfectly good slices of cane, so I just put them on a piece of deli paper in one of my clay drawers. (See this video for clay drawer ideas)

When I have enough, I make something crazy out of them. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have an adventurous spirit, maybe you should try it. If nothing else it’s kind of a record of your canes.

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  1. I like it Alice! I think all the colours and the mish mash of them together make for a super bracelet. You could wear it with anything and it looks wonderful.

    I do love the light blue and pink colours together. They are very lovely together.

  2. Hey Lube, thanks so much, I wish I could leave a comment on your blog but I can’t comment on most blogspot blogs. I really like your poppy necklace. Good job.

  3. Thank you so much Betty Jo, what a surprise and honor. But as you said on your blog, it’s so hard to choose twelve from my list of blogs. It might take me a day or two before I get it up. But thanks again.

  4. Love your bracelets…Gotta smile every time I see them…..Your
    work is so distinctive !