Buna Cord, O-rings, Stroppel Cane

I must  be in a creative mood, I can’t seem to stop  myself. You’re going to laugh at this one.

I ordered some Buna cord and some o-rings but when the order came in, I had o-rings that were 1 – 3/4 inches in diameter. What? Oh good grief.

Now months later I started playing around with adding things to a pin to make things more interesting and used buna cord to support a slice of cane. Experiment! I baked it and nothing appeared to happen to it. so ……ahhhhhhh I thought .

I dug out my mis-ordered o-rings and began to play around. What about different sizes? hmmmm. My husband has a whole little box full of different sizes. (Don’t tell. *G*)

Man, this would be perfect. Fill the circles with clay, bake and tada. Well the o-rings didn’t shrink, but the clay did. I knew that!

So I glued the clay in the o-rings.

Now how to string it. I put everything together and baked it. Uh Oh, the Buna cord DID shrink, not in length, but in diameter. Darn! Okay, make the pieces separately, bake the clay, drill holes, glue  and there you go.

I like it!

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  1. Alice, I like your new Buna Cord pendant and the clever clasp. It blends in nicely. Where do you purchase your Buna Cord? I checked a couple of craft stores here and they didn’t have it.


  2. Ooh Alice,I love this and your topogrpahically inspired bangle. You are on a roll! Hope your husband doesn’t notice anything missing!

  3. Deborah, I have bought my cord from several sources, too many to list. My suggestion is to google Buna cord polymer clay and you have a bunch of choices. I usually order in very large amounts and you will have better luck on the pc sites I think. Thanks….ALice

  4. Wendy, hehehe he hasn’t noticed yet, but if I keep it up I’ll have to buy him a new assortment. I am on a creating binge, but I know I have several things I should be doing instead. And I thought I’d have more time at this stage of my life. HA!

    Wendy, thank you so much for all the wonderful things you said about me on your blog. http://www.afterthemonsoon.com I was thrilled to be included with all those fantastic face caners, yourself included. Wish I could be in your class, say hello to all your friends there.