Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Zelda – Polymer Clay Face Cane Bracelet

ZeldaAnother face bracelet made with black and white Zentangle canes. She’s for sale…in my Etsy Shop.


I need to make so more of these canes. When I do, I’ll try to make a video. They’re easy to make and very effective.

Thanks for stopping by.

Polymer Clay with Pen and Ink

Polymer Clay Pen and Ink

Polymer Clay Pen and Ink

This is my second polymer clay with pen and ink. The first was the other day in this post, Can You Guess? This one I combined some of my Zentangle canes with my drawings.

I finished it last night and wore it all day today. My husband and I went to visit our son in Orlando, so it was in and out of the car, out to lunch and etc. By the end of the day all was well except with the lips of one of the side girls, they had smeared. I should have taken a picture of her before I sanded her mouth off.

That sounds pretty funny actually, looks pretty funny too.



I sanded way the ink and I’ll start again. I think I simply didn’t heat it enough with my heat gun. I think the answer is to pop it back into the oven for a few minutes. That way I will be sure that everything gets heated. Then I’m going to test wear it again.

I have some other things I want to try too. Some layering techniques. I’ll post more later.

Dora’s Explorations and the Zentangle Canes

I believe that ideas are born and then float around and land on different people. It has happened to me more times than I care to think about. ┬áHere’s another one, only this time it’s someone I know through our blogs.

As I mentioned in my last post (about 30 minutes ago) Dora of Dora’s Explorations posted her Zentangles on her Flickr site last week and I just had to do some. I knew I had to try my hand at canes like this.

I didn’t realize that Dora was thinking the same thing. I check in on her site from time to time to see what she is up to because she posts some incredible cane tutorials. In fact, I’ve featured one of them here. When I was there the other day, she was doing home work for Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.

So I had no idea that she was getting ready to do a tutorial for Zentangle canes. I should have known, that is how her mind works. She always does the most complicated fabulous canes.

I know her canes will be incredible and her tutorial inspiring. So go to her blog www.dorasexplorations.wordpress.com and see if she has her tutorial up yet, if she doesn’t, bookmark her site, you’ll want to check back until she gets it posted.

You can see more of her fabulous Zentangles on her Flickr site.