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The Polymer Arts – A Review

The Polymer Arts Magazine is the vision of Publisher/Editor Sage Bray, and I can tell you from experience, hours of her of hard work. In my opinion it’s time well spent.

First, I was thrilled to see Sage is using the “flip” magazine as her first choice of digital delivery and that she is also offering The Polymer Arts in pdf form. The flip magazine form is sometimes hard to get use to, but oh so worth the effort. In the meantime having the pdf available is very helpful.

And this review will be praise for Sage and her team’s efforts to create an informative publication for “Profession and Aspiring Polymer Arts”!

I was delighted to see the article by Barbara McGuire, Fueled by Passion, The History of Polymer Clay. The beginning of polymer clay has been written about many times but Barbara’s view is unique because of  her early involvement with the emerging industry product. It’s a look at the growth of polymer that shouldn’t be missed.

The magazine develops from there to include several articles titled Material Issues. These include techniques, not projects, which encourages all of us to use the process to create our own designs instead of making something exactly like the directions.  There is also a beginning look at color which is always an issue when you first get your fingers on a package clay.

The New & Improved section takes a very useful look at some tools that people are always asking me about. The close inspection of these tools is helpful in many ways.

There are many inspirational stories from some very talented artists and a great advise on marketing your work in both the wholesale and retail markets.

Also in this issue are galleries of beautiful photographs of works to inspire us all. The galleries include artists Christine K. Harris and Janet Pitcher in the Mentor’s Galleries. Jill Kollmann,  Els Van Haasen, and Erin Metcalf in the Emerging Artist Galleries.

On top of everything else, it’s wonderful to have the advertisers’ products just a click away…you just have to love technology no matter what.

I extend my congratulations to Sage and her team and my thanks for adding another source of inspiration and resources for all of us working in this exciting medium.

If you haven’t already ordered you copy of this exciting new magazine, it’s easy to do right now. You can order just one to test it out, or better yet show your support for this new venture by ordering a year subscription at The Polymer Arts Magazine.

P.S. If you just can’t cozy up to a digital magazine and want to have a real live print Magazine in you hands, you can order those too. That group at The Polymer Arts Magazine have covered all the bases.

5 comments to The Polymer Arts – A Review

  • Deborah

    Alice, thanks for leading us to this magazine. It’s put together very well. I ordered the digital magazine. I am not sure I like zooming and scrolling around. Next time I might purchase the print copy – there’s something to be said for a traditional magazine to hold in your hands and read at your leisure. Good articles and photography, though!

  • Hi Deborah,
    I’m glad you are supporting this new magazine and enjoying it.
    I hear you about the digital edition. Try downloading the pdf. it’s a bit more user friendly for a new flip magazine user.
    I’ve just run out of room to store any more magazines on my book shelves. I would order more magazines if they were digital.
    So I’m glad Sage Bray covered all the bases and needs of us all.
    Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment,

  • Patricia Livesay

    Hi Alice. I tried ordering a digital single issue of this magazine, but you need a login and password and I cannot figure out how to do that. I have emailed the company but have had no response. Can you help me? I really want to view this mag.

  • Alice

    Hey Pat, I don’t know why the link isn’t working for you, but try this one. http://thepolymerarts.com/Subscribe.html

  • Jan


    If you haven’t found it yet, you should have received an email from “The Polymer Arts” with the link and your password indicated in it. Check and see if the email accidentally ended up in your spam folder.


    I agree that the magazine is great and the .PDF format is just marvelous.

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