Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Teaching a Polymer Clay Workshop at Beads F.O.B.

I just have to tell you …. I love teaching …. and …….. I love teaching new caners. The smiles and looks on the faces of the ladies in my class this weekend at Beads F.O.B. in Sarasota just put me in a good mood for the next month at least.

Thanks to Karen at Beads F. O. B. for keeping all the paperwork straight and Marty for all her work and for letting me come join the fun. Looks like I’ll be going back to teach again soon so check back to see when you might be able to come join us.

We made so many canes and turned some of them into beads and some into pendants, I’m only showing the pendants here.

Joan Diehl at Bead Workshop with Alice Stroppel

Joan was having a great time and already had plans for a volunteer project and began working on it before class was over.

Marlene Brownell  at Bead Workshop with Alice Stroppel


I heard this high little yell from Marlene and wondered what was wrong. It was all excitement  at her table, she had just successfully reduced that little leaf cane and was tickled with herself. It reminded me of the first time I reduced a cane and all the possibilities that were running through my head.

Marty Montague at Bead Workshop with Alice Stroppel


Marty made earrings and enjoyed the whole creative process. She is one fun polymer clayer.

Lois Mills at Beads F.O.B. Workshop with Alice Stroppel


I looked up one time to see the biggest grin on Lois’ face. She had just made several successful canes in a great combo of colors and I could see the wheels turning behind those smiling bright eyes.

Christine Kaczmarek  at Bead Workshop with Alice Stroppel


Christine said she couldn’t go to sleep the first night and couldn’t wait to get back to work on her canes on Sunday. Her enthusiasm shows in her work.

Cathe Keck at Beads F.O.B. Workshop with Alice Stroppel


Cathe’s work is big and bold. Her color combinations are bright and work so well together.

I’m so sorry that Marina had to leave early and I didn’t get a picture of her work.

(two days later, update) Marina sent me a picture of her work, I’m so happy to be able to include it. I just didn’t feel right for her pieces to be missing. Thanks Marina!

Marina - Beads F.O.B. Class - Alice Stroppel

Marina Montagut

I love how everyone created their own colors and Marina loves to do mini piece. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

I also didn’t take a class picture.  We ran over time, we were having so much fun, and people started to leave before I remembered the group photo. Thanks to all my student, I really appreciate how easy you made it to show you what I know, it was great fun.

6 comments to Teaching a Polymer Clay Workshop at Beads F.O.B.

  • I love what you are doing with the teaching and the canes. I’m retiring in March 2012 (6 months and 7 days but who’s counting!!!) and plan to convert a storage building on my property into a teaching studio. Your stories and the stories of others who teach inspire me to share my knowledge with others – although on a limited basis as I have to watch how much I earn while on widow’s benefits. Plus I can control my schedule (grin) something I have NO control over now!

  • Thanks Arlene, I am really enjoying it. You will be wonderful as an instructor. It’s so rewarding to see these new clayers fall in love……and I am all over the “controling my own schedule”. It’s a great feeling.

  • Alice, the art work by the class shows what a great teacher you must be. What a talented group. It shows in their work that they had fun. You have inspired them! You’ve got the touch. ….PJ

  • Alice

    Hi PJ, It means alot coming from you thanks. I had as good if not better a time that my students. Didn’t they all do great work?

    I get your news feed almost every day and you are so funny and talented and well, just my kinda out there black and white checker board girl. Love your cuter than anything house.

    I’m doing the bottom of my shower stall (which needs replacing because of water explosion) with black and white check. You should see my bathroom (in my studio) It is pink, pink, pink, tile from ceiling to floor, so what else could I do with it? I decided to do the vanity top with the check too..plus hand made by me flamingo tiles for the shower wall that had to be broken out after the water explosion. Pictures will come later.
    so glad you stopped it to say hello. Alice
    I’m laughing already.

  • elisabet sayos

    Me podrías decir donde puedo encontrar tutorial de tus cañas , ya que me gustan y quisiera aprender , son hermosas , soy de Argentina y aca no se trabaja mucho con fimo ya que no se conoce , desde ya mil gracias.

  • Alice

    Det är just här på denna sida. Bara se till höger och du ser det. Eller gå till Youtube och skriv i Alice Stroppel.

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