Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Notecards From Polymer Clay Illustration and Some Etc.

Illustration cardIllustration card

Illustration card

Today in the mail…..or UPS I received a package with my illustration made into a card. I’m excited. What fun this is. I’ve listed them in my Etsy Shop. You can buy them one at a time or in groups.

While I was waiting for the cards to come, I started playing around with some paper bags I had and painted some girls to add to my Etsy Shop too.

girlfriend gift bag

Girlfriend Gift Bag

So I decided to include this bag with 4 of the cards. Fun! I made so many bags, I was having the best time. So now I’m adding single bags as well in my shop.

Plus, I had a girlfriend magnet printed as well, what a funny little something to give to a co-worker, sister or best friends.

I’ve been busy, but “The Big T ” is coming and I’ll be gone for days before so this year I’m leaving it up to my husband and the kids, I’ll be home in time to eat. (first year I’ve ever done this, but a girlfriends get away is calling………and I just can’t help it……..

P.S. my “kids” are grown ups……and coming home for the holidays. I read this post again and it sounded like I was leaving my little kids to fend for themselves, so I thought I’d clear that up for those that don’t know me.

A Pretty Picture?

Illustration -polymer clay

I started out yesterday to continue to list more items in my Etsy Shop, but ended up here instead. I had this idea…..I know, so what else is new? I’ve been wanting to make larger items to hang on the wall for quite some time. The clay part of this one is 8″x 10″

It was another one of my wild ideas that turned into The Most Fun. I find that when I let go of the goal of making something to sell, I enjoy myself so much it makes me laugh out loud and realize that I should Never, Ever, Worry about sales. There are many things that I would do differently, but I learned alot and had a ball.

But taking sales out of the equation is a hard thing to do since it’s what I’ve done all my life. And now is really no different, I have to sell things, it’s just the way it is.

I’ve always known that letting go is the best way to create, I just have to keep remembering it. This one was for me…..however, I was thinking about turning this into a greeting card…….(grinning here) ……….. what do ya’ think?