Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

27 videos, step by step, beginner cane workshop beginner Cane Tutorial What people are saying about this tutorial. jennifer rose Just finished this first workshop on how to make canes, and I must say I learned so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for, someone who could explain cane making in a step by step that process that I could replicate. I watched the videos, went into my studio and began to create all of the canes Alice showed. I finally have results I can be proud of, and I say thank you so much for doing this workshop. My only question now is when do we get more workshops. If you are only going to take one online class let it be this workshop. Thank you Alice for your hard work, and your dedication to helping others learn the joys of polymer clay.

Online Workshops with Alice Stroppel


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Found Objects and Polymer Clay – Video

Bakers Man

Baker Man

Boy have I had fun the last few days. Filming the video on found objects and polymer clay really got me excited about all the projects that I have promised myself I was going to do when I wasn’t working anymore. So watch out..I might be on a roll. I say might because I always have great intentions.

I could have made this video an hour longer, I had that many found objects that I could have shared with you, but I figured you would thank me if I kept it at 15 minutes.

The photo above is just one of the projects that I used some of my found objects on. Kitchen items from my husband’s grandmother and a necklace from a garage sale. I love using items that have meaning to members of my family. He is going to hang on the Christmas tree and once a year we will be reminded of grandma and the fabulous things she use to make for the holidays. Easter pie was a favorite, even for Christmas.

Embellished Book

Embellished Book

This photo is of an old flea market book and one of the pieces I made in this video. Old watch part from my dad, who is no longer with us, fabulous magnifying spectacles that belong to a long ago relative.  A great coffee table book.  Enjoy the video!

36 comments to Found Objects and Polymer Clay – Video

  • Mary Lynne

    Your latest video – Loved it!

  • Alice

    Thank you Mary Lynne, it means a lot that you left a comment. I hope it gives ideas to both new clayers and maybe to seasoned artists as well.

  • Very cool Alice! A great collection of textures. Love the Baker’s Man. Your family will cherish him forever!

  • Alice

    We will enjoy the Baker Man. Thanks Cindy

  • edie

    Terrific ideas, and the character is just awesome. What a wonderful way to preserve your art and your family memorabilia. He is just too cool!


  • Alice

    Thank you Edie, I’m excited about the possibilities for other things that I can morph into a combined treasure. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know you enjoyed the video.

  • Great video, Alice 1 I really enjoyed seeing how you made Baker’s Man, what a wonderful family keepsake.

  • Alice

    Thanks Dora, He’s grown on me too.

  • oh. my. goodness. what FUN! thank you for commenting on my flickr photo so that i could find your videos here!!!

  • Alice

    I was delighted to find your blog and your photos on flickr. Your work is really interesting and fresh. I love it. Thanks so much!

  • Lovely combination of found objects and polymer clay! I haven’t worked much with polymer clay, so now you have me thinking…

  • Alice

    Thanks, with your talent, I’m sure you’ll come up with something cool with the clay.

  • Anna

    That video was incredible. I love all the textures you use and how you put things together. Thanks so much.

  • Alice

    Wow, Anna, thank you so much. It helps to know that people like my videos. I hope you find some cool things to use with your clay projects. email me some pictures..

  • So interesting, it has made me look around the house in a different way, thankyou so much for sharing your ideas

  • Alice

    Glad you enjoyed it Linda, I love finding new everyday items to use with my clay. Thank for taking the time to let me know you stopped by.

  • Adrienne Lindsey

    Alice, I have been away far to long, but saw your link on NJ’S forum and started looking through everything again. I came across this video which is just fantastic. It really gives a person wonderful ideas on how to use found objects for textures and not to discard something just because it seem a little odd. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this video and giving it so generously to the rest of us.

  • Alice

    Wow Adrienne, thanks, I really have needed this boost of visitors. June was kind of quite as it is in most places. It means so much to me to know that people are gaining something from my videos. So really, thank you for taking the time to let me know. Welcome back….:)

  • Margie

    I really enjoyed all you have to show. I just soak it up.Thanks soooooo much for sharing!

  • Alice

    Margie, I’m so glad you are watching the videos and that you took the time to let me know your enjoy them. Thank you.

  • I loved this video, especially the last one with grandma’s old kitchen items. I sure hope you didn’t paint them. I loved the rustic look it gave. Thank you for all the tips, Alice.

  • Alice

    Oh no Dana, I didn’t paint them, they looked just right as they are. Thanks for hanging around on my blog and letting me know you watched the video.

  • Doreen Bell

    Alice! Your as I’ve said before and can’t help but say again, “Your amazing girlfriend”!!! I’m so pleased to know you : )

  • Alice

    Oh No Doreen….I’m more pleased to know you *G* I think your work is fabu-lo-so……..http://www.flickr.com/photos/doreenspictures/4710505020/
    Such humor…love it.

  • Nina

    I just discovered polymer clay (at 62!) and I’m thrilled to see your work. I do have a question. I was watching your found object video and noticed that you don’t use water or anything to “protect” the filligree (for example), and I was wondering if you have to clean the texture materials after you use them?

    Thanks so much for sharing your work!!

  • Alice

    Nina, 62 huh? A great time to find polymer clay if you ask me. Thank you for the compliment, makes me feel great.
    I use old things to press into my clay so I really don’t worry too much about cleaning. But the clay will come off of most things. You can spray with a bit of water to keep from sticking if you want.
    Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

  • Thanks for many more texture ideas. I also use deeply incised rubber stamps from “Stamp Camp”, in Texas. Thanks again.

  • Alice

    It looks like they have some great things, Thanks for the suggestion.


  • thethymelord

    I love that you used your MIL old kitchen things. I can see a kitchen witch made from antique kitchen things. I have an old silver handled wood fork. i think i will make a found item kitchen gaurdian with the fork as a broom. wow you inspire me so much!!! off to find that fork.Thanks.

  • Alice

    thyme…I’m so glad the video gave you such a great idea. Re-use, Re-propose. That’s my vote! Would love to see your kitchen witch when you get her finished.

  • I’m a bit later turning up for the party aren’t I? I have just ‘found’ polymer clay and am a complete beginner! How wonderful it was to discover you whilst blog hopping. I have signed up for you newsletter and am now finding your videos. You are so talented and this video has been great and made me think ‘laterally’ regarding textures.

    You have the most wonderful calming voice – and it’s great for me as I have a hearing loss but I can understand what you say, as you speak slowly and clearly.

    I am just off to have another go at getting your fish can video to load – it wouldn’t work for me yesterday.

    Thank you so much for all your inspiration. Once I get a bit more practice I’ll sign up for one of your course videos

    Best wishes

  • Alice

    Lottie, everybody finds polymer clay at just the right time for them. I’m glad you found my blog, welcome! You might have to download the latest version of Quicktime to view the fish video.
    Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m delighted that I make easy listening. :)

  • mayda

    wow what a big imagination thank you i love it

  • Alice

    Thanks Mayda

  • jenny

    At the very end of that video you mentioned that you painted it with acrylic paint and wiped it down with alcohol, and I had been trying to figure out how to stain clay for a long time! Thanks for including that!

  • Alice

    I’m glad it gave you some ideas Jenny.

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