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Fun with Polymer Clay Canes

Polymer clay Hands

I bought two hand molds at a flea market several months ago with the intention of coming right home and covering them with clay. It certainly wasn’t right away but believe it or not, I’m proud I actually got one of them covered before the year was out. Usually projects like this sit around staring at me forever.

This is one hand, I’m just showing you both sides at the same time. I still have some work to do on it before I begin on the second one. I have a bit of ……*choke, cough, choke* ………sanding to do and buffing it up. You see how much I wanted these, I do not like to sand or buff. but it will be worth it.

These are colorful, funky and a perfect sampler of many of my canes. I’ll be happy to have it to remind me of them all.

These hand are molds for rubber gloves. The flea market vendor had about 20 of them and I wanted to buy them all. I know, I know, I’m having trouble finishing two so what would I do with 20? Anyway, I’m glad I bought the two. You can find plenty of these glove molds online should you be so inclined to cover one.

Even if you didn’t cover them, they would make great display pieces just like they are. Hang your necklaces or bracelets from the fingers.

glove mold

now…..what should I do with the second one. Black and white? more color? hmmmmmm.

Polymer Clay Fish Mosaic

Fish Mosaic

I ‘ve been doing lots of new pieces involving the mosaic technique that I share with you when you sign up for my newsletter. I’ve made this fish and placed it on the underside of a 6×6 plate. It will make a perfect desert plate or a catch all for a dresser.

I have other things I’m working on that I want to share with you soon. Just wanted you to know I’m busy working at my clay table.

Salt and Pepper Blondes – Profile Face Canes

Salt and Pepper Blonde

Salt and Pepper Blonde

One of my most popular items are my salt and pepper shakers. The girlfriends of course. But I also sell quite a few of my flamingos too. I’ve made two sets for a customer to choose from and the other will be available for sale.

I’ve used two different profile face canes on these S&Ps, but I’ve made them both blondes. Then I used complimentary colors for each shaker.

These are kind of fall like colors and would be good for your Thanksgiving table. Oh come on, surprise your family, crazy girls instead of turkeys…why not?  Their hats kind of look like turkey feathers don’t they???

Salt and Pepper Blonde

Ornaments Galore for Friends Galore!

I’ve been on a roll, covering these ornaments and creating these girlfriend ornaments. By using different skinner blends for backgrounds I’m not using traditional Christmas colors for a reason. I want these ornaments to be able to be viewed and displayed at other times of the year too.

We all have one of those ornament stands that will display one special ornament. Well why not add one of those to a polymer clay ornament that has a special message for the recipient. I did a google search and found them for 2.50 and up.

Order an ornament from my Etsy Shop (adding a couple by the end of the day today) or create one yourself. But get started, Christmas is just around the corner.

Salt and Pepper Shakers in Polymer Clay

Two Girls Salt and Pepper Shakers

Two Girls Salt and Pepper Shakers

A Beautiful day. Only finished two girls for one sale item. Lots of canes used on these girls. Also worked on the  face cane tutorial and enjoyed the lake and the day late this afternoon.

Two Girls Salt and Pepper Shakers Back

Two Girls Salt and Pepper Shakers Back

The Case of The Flamingo and The Turquoise Bathroom

Polymer Clay Flamingo Top

Polymer Clay Flamingo Top

I started mixing some truly wonderful greens to make some items for a shop in South Florida. I thought I would try some flamingo things. A bracelet might be good and naturally salt and pepper shakers.

I don’t know why, but flamingos have always sold well for me no matter what medium I was working in. I haven’t ever figured it out. They are so wonderfully tacky, you would think people would avoid them like a bad hair day.

But I have them in my 1970 big, turquoise bathroom along with a really funky painting of mermaids my father did in the sixties, not cute but with that sixties “look”. The flamingos make me laugh, and maybe that’s the answer, they make people happy.

When I say turquoise bathroom, I really mean turquoise. all the walls but one are turquoise, the whole shower, the floor, the toilet,  and the sinks are turquoise, amazing. But there just isn’t anything to be done about it, so we decided to like it.

That leads me to what I did today instead of making fabulous canes out of my fabulous new colors. I painted the one wall and the ceiling of my funky turquoise bathroom. and what color did I paint it you ask? I am ashamed to admit….white. ugh…..Can you believe it. My husband and I don’t seems to agree and so we don’t decide. I believe painting the wall white was not deciding.

But now that it’s painted, I think just maybe, with all that turquoise, maybe white will help the mermaids from trying to leave the painting and run away from home.

The good news is that it is finished and tomorrow I can work on my clay projects.



This is a container I covered several years ago to hold cotton balls. Not a very pretty container, but as I said, the flamingo makes me laugh and it’s functional.